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"This place fixes everything..."
                                        - Marty Fiolka



Welcome to the iconic Horsepower Ranch located in the beautiful San Juanito 


mountains above Ensenada, Mexico.  The 100 acre oasis sits 6 miles from the Pacific 


Ocean, comfortably tucked in rolling hills and surrounded by majestic oak trees. With


mild winters and summer temperatures cooled by crisp ocean breezes, Horsepower


Ranch is a retreat that guests visit year around.



The Ranch has become a fixture in Baja's off-road racing culture, hosting race heroes, 


celebrities and all who are passionate about the sport.  The history of American off-road 


racing in Baja is memorialized on the walls of the Carrera Cantina, which provides 


guest with an abundance of fresh margaritas and Cuban cigars.



In June, the Ranch pays tribute to the legends of off-road racing at its annual Legacy Party


prior to the Baja 500.  Additionally, the Ranch hosts pre-race parties for the historic NORRA


1000 and the grueling SCORE Baja 1000, recognized as the most challenging continuous off-


road race event in the world.



The history on this amazing property however, goes back long before today's modern 


machines...back to a time when the Hollywood crowd of the 60's and 70's came to Baja 


to indulge in the allure of Mexico.  The original name of Horsepower Ranch was Rancho 


San Juanito and it was built as an oasis resort.  Americans and wealthy Mexicans spent 


their weekends lounging by the swimming pool, singing along with the piano player, and 


carousing in nearby Ensenada. 



Throughout the 80's and 90's Rancho San Juanito exchanged ownership and sat 


dormant, waiting for an opportunity to emerge with a new identity.  Today, having been 


restored to its former glory, the Horsepower Ranch has its roots firmly planted with the 


racing community and also hosts weddings, parties, and other social events throughout 


the year.  The pool and palapa’s are a favorite during the summer months with an open-


air bar and the sweet smell of mesquite.



Whether you are looking to take the off-road thrill of a lifetime or just want to kick your 


feet up and relax, the allure of the Baja countryside and beauty of the Horsepower 


Ranch make it the perfect destination for adventurers and travelers alike. 



- 49 Guest Rooms


- Event Space


- Restaurant & Cantina


- RV Parking, Restrooms & Showers


- Helicopter Landing Area


- Race/Recreation Vehicle Storage


- Machine Shop


- Swimming Pool & Palapa’s


- Horseshoe Pit


- Grass Volleyball Court

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